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Traditionally Concrete Mixtures were prepared manually consuming huge amount of time but, with advances in technology it is formed with the help of Cement Mixer Equipment.

Depending upon the requirement various sizes and types are available of Cement Mixer. For small and medium size applications portable cement mixer can be utilized and for large applications concrete plants can be installed at the site.

Cement Mixers are of two types:

  • Batch Mixer  : – This type of cement mixer produces one batch at a time and is highly preferable for small and medium size applications. It consists of blades inside the drum or pan which prepares the concrete mix when rotated.
  • Continuous Mixer  : – This Mixer produces concrete continuously without any interruption as long as the work is going on. It consists of various units like feeder units, mixing units and discharge units. They are used in construction of bridges, tunnels dams etc.

  • Features of Cement Mixer are:

    • Low maintenance cost
    • Less noise is generated
    • Producing even mixture
    • Low energy consumption
    • Easy to operate
    • Portable in nature.
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