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This Double Cone Blender machine is the most versatile machine used in mixing dry powders and granules homogeneously. Two-third volume of the cone blender is filled in order to obtain appropriate mixing, even though the process of mixing is quite difficult in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Majority of manufacturers prefer stainless steel to produce Double Cone Blender. It is used in manufacturing solid mixtures and Arvinda Blenders has emerged as one of the major manufacturer of this mixing machine.

Double Cone Blender is used in Industries like Cosmetic products, food, fertilizers, medicines etc. Arvinda Blenders is the most famous entity for manufacturing industrial mixers in Ahmedabad. They are also the major suppliers and exporters of various kind of Mixing Equipment.

Features of Double Cone Blender are:

    • It is highly reliable.
    • 100 percent quality assurance.
    • It posses high overloading capacity.
    • Homogeneous mixing and granulation.
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