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As the name suggests, the design of this blender is octagonal and V-shape so that huge volume can be stored in less space. The centre of this equipment is a rectangle. It is considered as one of the convenient choice for majority of Industries as it occupies less space and has a huge volume. This Octagon Blender consists of butterfly valves that have fast charging and discharging ports which facilitate the efficient and rapid mixing of granules.

Arvinda Blender’s offers a wide range of Octagon Blender which leads to flexibility in operations in industries with great reliability. We are not only manufactures this blender but also is the leading supplier of this Octagon Blender in Ahmedabad. Octagon Blender’s are used in production of pharmaceutical products, chemical industries, cosmetic industries, lubrication etc.

Features of Octagon Blender are:

    • Designed in a manner which occupies less space
    • Also helps in lubrication
    • Best quality of mixture is obtained.
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